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    The truth about steroid use in CrossFit

    ΡEDs and CrossFit competitions As CrossFit becomes more and more popular in the sporting arena, it becomes very important to ensure that athletes compete without the aid of ΡEDs. I have heard a lot about the use of steroids in CrossFit. I will not say that I can tell exactly if someone is using steroids, nor will I say anything bad about the blogs I read, but I can truthfully say that I cannot know if someone is using steroids until I test their urine sample. I do not believe that every person in Κpoccfit or at the Κpoccfit Games uses steroids. I hope to explain the reason for this…

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    Steroids or strength training?

    Prolonged strength training induces significant adaptations that result in an increase in the size, strength, and power of the muscles being trained. Increased levels of anabolic hormones as a result of weight training can increase hormonal interactions with various cellular mechanisms and help develop contractile units of muscle protein. When stimulation occurs from a motor neuron to initiate muscle contraction, various signals are sent from the brain and muscle to the endocrine glands. During and after weight training, these hormones are released because of the physiological stress caused by exercise. The release of hormones provides the body with information about the amount and type of physiological stress (e.g., adrenaline), metabolic…

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    Active Ingredients in Fat Burners #2

    Let’s continue to get acquainted with the main ingredients used in fat burners. L-carnitine Characteristics of fat-burning preparations Amino acid of natural origin, which is not a part of proteins. It is synthesized in the liver from lysine and methionine. Carnitine is a rather mild anabolic and ergogenic agent that promotes fat burning by increasing the metabolic rate. Studies have shown that carnitine accelerates the transport of fatty acids into the cells and increases their oxidation efficiency so that the body switches to using fats instead of carbohydrates even during mixed aerobic and anaerobic exercise. Carnitine is sufficiently safe and low-toxic. No side effects are observed at recommended doses. At…

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    Active Ingredients in Fat Burners #1

    Most fat burners sold are based on two to three biologically active substances. Here are the main components that are most often included in these blends. Ephedrine and its natural sources This is a natural alkaloid from the ephedra herb family, which is also obtained synthetically. It has strong lipolytic and ergogenic effects. Natural l-ephedrine is the most active; synthetic (dl-) has about half of its activity. Ephedrine stimulates fat burning by several mechanisms at once. This may be due to the so-called “reverse dependence” – an increase in the thermogenic effect with prolonged use (the ergogenic effect of ephedrine is addictive, although it is used, for example, by soccer…

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    Characteristics of Fat Burners

    Thermogenic preparations Fat is the number one enemy not only for the bodybuilder, but also for any person. Accumulation of fat on the sides and butt is associated with a huge number of diseases. It is known that obesity provokes the development of atherosclerosis, heart disease, diabetes. That’s why in the world spend a lot of money to find new fat-burning drugs, and store shelves are filled with a variety of bottles and cans, designed in a record time (and record prices) to give you a stunning slim figure. Unfortunately, without thinking it over you run the risk of, at best, emptying your wallet and achieving nothing, and, at worst,…

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    Plant steroids – an alternative to synthetic drugs

    Plant steroids have a weaker anabolic effect than synthetic drugs, but can increase overall body performance more than they do. Plant steroids have practically no side effects or contraindications. Used alone or in combination with other anabolic drugs to enhance their combined effect. Plant drugs enhance the anabolic action of the body. They are of two types: adaptagens and hypoglycemic. Adaptagens are plant steroids In addition to their anabolic action, they help to increase the body’s resistance to increased physical stress, poisoning, various radiations, etc. Rhaponticum carthamoides (maral root) Rhaponticum has in its composition phytoecdysones – substances that have an anabolic effect. Taking Rhaponticum by an athlete increases protein synthesis…

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    Halotestin Review: Effects, Risks and Legal Alternative

    Halotestin is an androgenic steroid used as replacement therapy for people with endogenous testosterone deficiency. Some women use it as a palliative treatment for androgen-sensitive recurrent breast cancer. Halotestin belongs to the category of AAS or androgens and anabolic steroids. Bodybuilders take halotestin to increase muscle mass. Raise Your Testosterone Levels Naturally | PCT not required Testo-max is one of the safest and most powerful alternatives to halotestin. (We recommend to athletes jintropin) It is one of the most effective legal steroids available today. It is 100% safe because it is made from all natural ingredients. It increases the level of testosterone in the body – the hormone responsible for…

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    Winstrol Review: Effects, Risks and Legal Alternative

    Winstrol, characterized as a steroid supplement, has become popular with professional bodybuilders seeking to achieve high performance training. Due to the popularity of the product and the significant impact on the body, the authorities decided to ban the free use of the product. People looking for a bodybuilding experience should follow more natural methods. Striped fat while maintaining muscle mass Winsol provides the following benefits What is Winstrol also known as Vinsol, Stanozolol for? A powerful product offering a strong anabolic substance, it has become very popular among different people. The substance remains a hazardous product and for this reason it has become prohibited for regular use. Individuals requiring a…

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    Testolone, RAD140 Review: Effects, Risks, and Legal Alternative

    You don’t need to risk your overall health and your body’s hormonal balance to build and strengthen your muscles. Anabolic steroids not only stimulate muscle development, but also affect your body’s hormonal system. Testolone or RAD140, on the other hand, are selective androgen receptor modulators (SARMs) designed to target muscle growth, in particular, without compromising your overall hormonal system. This is a PPAR receptor, or delta activator, created by GlaxoSmithKline and Ligand Pharmaceuticals to help stimulate muscle development and energy. It’s not a steroid, but … RAD140 is certainly an amazing endurance and endurance enhancer that helps you dramatically improve your athletic performance, but you must remember that these SARMs…

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    Ligandrol and 4033 Review: Effects, Risks and Legal Alternative

    LDG-4033 (ligandrol) is a selective androgen receptor modulator, also known as SARM. In fact, it is currently being tested as a pharmaceutical for muscle growth, but it is not FDA approved for normal human use nonetheless. Testo-Max: Boost testosterone levels naturally It has many benefits for both men and women. But it plays a more important role for men as it helps improve their male health, physical health, and also improves their sex life. On the other hand, testosterone also helps boost your confidence and get your body in shape. Buy sports pharmacology here What is ligandrol, LDH 4033, also known as Anabolic used for? LGD-4033, also known as anabolic,…